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You have been struggling and want help that is easy, fast, and effective. That is the mission of the counselors here at Stone Oak Counselors. We specialize in helping struggling individuals and families get better faster!

Together we will put you in the driver’s seat by developing a custom counseling plan to address your unique therapy goals, desired speed of treatment, and need for privacy.

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Do you sometimes feel like this?

“I’m so tired of feeling this way.”
“Everything is just so hard.”
“My life is out of control.”

We Understand Your Unique Challenges

Maybe you are parenting a difficult child, struggling with addictions, or suffering from mood or thought disorders. Our therapists have a compassionate healing approach individually tailored to identify problems and solutions through the counseling process.

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Stone Oak Counselors Services

Our therapy practice offers a range of evidence-based approaches tailored to your
individual needs and aimed at promoting growth, healing, and overall well-being.

Child Counseling Katy Counseling

Play Therapy

You are struggling with your child’s behavior or worried about them. Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses play to help children express their feelings and reduce stress.

Adult Counseling Stone Oak Counselors

Adult Counseling

Are you struggling with coping with stress? Feeling lost and unsure of who you are and what is important to you? Perhaps you are struggling with an addiction or secret and living in shame. Counseling is beneficial for adults as it helps to create insight, foster emotional well-being, and gain insight into relationships.

Teen Counseling Stone Oak Counselors

Teen Counseling

Are you exhausted from fighting with your teen? Or perhaps you are worried about their mood or self-esteem? Counseling helps teenagers gain insight into their experiences, develop problem-solving skills, and better cope with stress.

Couples Counseling Stone Oak Counselors

Couples Counseling

Is your relationship in trouble? Have you starting fighting more or experienced a painful betrayal? Couples counseling helps couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationship by developing healthier patterns of interaction.

Trauma Counseling Stone Oak Counselors

Trauma Counseling

Have you experienced a recent traumatic event? Or perhaps you have painful childhood memories that keep coming up. Trauma counseling can help heal from the effects of past trauma by providing a safe and nurturing space to process the experience.

Why Choose Us?

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We know how art it can be for you to reach out for help, much less professional therapy. At Stone Oak Counselors we know that life can bring unexpected struggles, grief, and trauma. That is why everyone at Stone Oak Counselors is dedicated to make the entire process from the first appointment to the last appointment as easy and custom as possible.


When you are hurting and struggling, access to care should not be a barrier. Our mission is to make therapy accessible to everyone. As a result, we have therapists that offer a wide variety of pay scales, accept a variety of insurance plans and work varied schedules. Perhaps you want early mornings, evenings or weekends. We have therapists offering all of this. And for added convenience, we have sessions both online and in person.

Personalized Care

You want counseling that actually provides relief and results! At Stone Oak Counselors we are dedicated to using research driven, highly effective counseling methods grounded in brain-based clinical care.

You are important and deserve the best possible care. with the highest level of privacy and results. We believe in working with each individual, to develop the best plan for care to address your goals, speed of recovery, and need for privacy.

We also believe that clients should partner with their therapist to understand and agree to a specific plan of treatment with clear and measurable outcomes. Unlike some therapy centers, we strive to make sure you understand every step of your treatment and know exactly what to expect from day one to your last session.

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