Couples Counseling that works

Tired of fighting? Feeling disconnected or lacking connection and romance? Financial stress, children, work challenges and broken trust all strain a relationship.

Together, we will work with you to restore peace, trust, deep connection, and passion in your relationship!

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Couples Counseling Can & Does work!

Many couples sense that something’s wrong but can’t pinpoint why. They end up holding onto grudges, losing hope, or feeling stuck in a relationship that seems headed for failure or constant misery. The good news is, your relationship doesn’t have to stay stuck or become just another sad story.

Our therapists are skilled at figuring out which relationships are likely to struggle with a 94% accuracy rate. This means, with your therapist’s help, you can discover the exact reasons behind your relationship issues. We’ll team up with you to fix those problems and bring back the marriage or relationship you’ve been dreaming of.

If both of you are fully committed, the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy says couples in counseling report a satisfaction rate as high as 98%! We’ll work with you to ensure you’re one of those success stories!

Some of the Benefits of Couples Counseling Include:

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  • Better understanding and empathy between partners.
  • More closeness, respect and affection.
  • Solving arguments and conflicts more smoothly.
  • Improving when things feel stuck in a relationship.
  • Making the friendship aspect of the relationship better
  • Learning how to solve problems and communicate better
  • Healing from betrayal and fixing issues after an affair

In therapy, couples can pick up effective ways to talk, understand each other better, and handle conflicts. Counseling also helps couples strengthen their emotional bond, rebuild trust, and make their closeness better.

Couples counseling offers a private and safe space for both of you to talk about problems with the guidance of an experienced therapist who has tools to help you reconnect and communicate better.

This kind of counseling can be helpful for couples no matter where they are in their relationship, whether it’s before getting married or dealing with long-term issues. By tackling problems in a positive and healthy way, couples can boost their overall happiness in the relationship and build a stronger, more satisfying partnership.

Signs your Relationship is in trouble and needs help

There are several signs you can look for in your relationship that suggest you need professional help with couples counseling. Do you have any of these in your relationship?

  • Your talks usually kick off with harsh and critical comments
  • You or your partner often say critical things about each other
  • There’s a sense of disrespect in the relationship, like eye-rolling
  • Arguments often turn into defensive blame games
  • Communication breaks down, leading to silent treatment
  • Feeling overwhelmed and showing bad body language during arguments
  • Problems keep piling up without ever getting fixed
  • Remembering more bad times than good ones

Our Therapists can help

Our couples therapists understand the stress of thinking your marriage is falling apart. We’ve worked with many couples who didn’t know what to do next or how to move forward. Our couples counselors are specially trained in marriage counseling and use the Gottman Method, a well-researched and proven technique to assist couples in need.

We’ve guided couples at different stages to rebuild trust, reconnect, and bring back the passion in their relationship. We can help you too!

Stone Oak Counselor’s approach to Couples counseling

When you start relationship counseling, you and your partner will come in together. The therapist will listen to your main concerns, give you some assessments to understand your specific challenges, and figure out a therapy schedule that works for you, whether it’s weekly or more intensive.

After that, each of you will have individual sessions with the counselor. This lets you bring up any issues that might be hard to talk about with your partner around. It also helps the couples therapist understand your personal background, family, and what you want to achieve with therapy.

Once all the assessments are done, and you’ve had your individual sessions, the therapist will meet with you as a couple again. You’ll go over the results and come up with a personalized treatment plan together. This plan might involve dealing with painful betrayals, rebuilding trust, rekindling friendship, or addressing intimacy issues.

You and your therapist will work on improving every aspect of your relationship. Follow-up couples counseling sessions will be 2 hours each. Plan on committing to at least 3 months of therapy. Considering most couples have been struggling for about 5 years before seeking help, giving it at least 3 months makes sense to see if there’s progress.

In some cases, the therapist might suggest individual therapy instead of couples counseling. This could be because of things like unresolved trauma or other mental health issues. Also, the therapist won’t do couples therapy if there’s an ongoing affair, current domestic violence, or other serious disorders that need individual treatment.

What is stopping you from starting Couples Counseling today?

Couples often have several reasons they delay coming to therapy. Here are some we hear often:

“Couples therapy is too expensive”

Therapy is an investment, and usually, insurance doesn’t cover it. But compared to the cost of getting a divorce or separating, therapy is way less expensive. When you add in kids, the cost and damage of a breakup become even higher in the long run. So, why not put some money into saving your relationship before potentially spending tens or even hundreds of thousands if things don’t work out?

” We don’t have time”

We provide couples counseling in both weekly and intensive sessions online. Plus, our therapists are available in the evenings and weekends, making it super flexible and convenient for couples to get the help they need.

“We tried counseling before and it didn’t help”

Unfortunately, we hear this more often than we’d like. That’s why we’re dedicated to using counseling methods that research shows work best for couples. We also check if there are any obstacles to treatment and, if necessary, suggest individual treatment for better results. Our commitment is to help every couple achieve their goals and have the relationship they deserve.

Most couples wait over 5 years before seeking professional help. Don’t wait a moment longer!

Marriage counseling or relationship counseling with a therapist specializing in relationship problems can help you learn skills and tools to save your relationship. You are not in this alone. If you need strategies to repair and rebuild your relationship, Stone Oak Counselors is here to help. Follow the steps below to start your journey to a new, healthier relationship:

Other Mental Health Services Offered At Stone Oak Counselors

In addition to offering services for Women’s Issues, we also offer a wide range of services for adults, teens, and children. These services include Play TherapyTeen Counseling, Counseling for WomenIndividual Counseling, and Trauma Counseling. Our goal is to meet you where you are and help guide you through the issues you are facing in a positive and supportive way.