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You remember a time when stress, overwhelm, and disconnection weren’t the “norm” …but those days feel like a distant memory. Don’t you wish you had the tools to change that?

You have come to the right place! Here at Stone Oak Counselors, we’re all about supporting you through challenges in a way that truly clicks with how your brain works. Picture this: you and your counselor teaming up, working hand in hand to figure out what approach feels just right for you.

We’re passionate about understanding how your brain ticks, so we craft strategies that fit your world. Our goal? To walk alongside you on your path to mental well-being, making sure the journey feels uniquely yours. Plus, we’ve teamed up with various insurance providers to make things easier for you!

Stone Oak Counselors
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How Stone Oak Counselors Came To Be

Through years of experience, we learned many counseling approaches can feel like one-size-fits-all solutions.

At Stone Oak Counselors, we do things differently. We understand that each person, each brain, and every unique factor in a family dynamic matter.

That’s why our approach isn’t about cookie-cutter methods. Instead, we focus on understanding you, your family, and the specific elements at play.

Our goal is to create a customized plan that addresses your or your family’s distinct needs, ensuring that the support you receive is truly personalized and effective.

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our process

At our practice, we’ve crafted a special therapy process that’s all about you. Our unique approach involves diving deep to gather as much insight as we can.

We’re not just ticking off boxes—we’re dedicated to understanding your story inside out. Once we’ve gathered this treasure trove of information, we team up with you to build a counseling plan that truly fits.

It’s not just a plan; it’s a collaborative journey tailored to your needs, ensuring you’re part of every step towards positive change.

“Once we’ve got your personalized plan set, it’s all about action. We’re in this together, making sure that plan doesn’t just sit on paper but comes to life in your everyday.

And here’s the best part: we don’t just set it and forget it. We’re all about those check-ins—frequent pit stops on this journey we’re taking together.

It’s our way of ensuring you’re not just getting results, but the absolute best ones tailored to your progress and needs.

Stone Oak counselors San Antonio
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Thorough Assessment

We begin by diving into your story, capturing every detail to grasp what makes your journey unique. Using comprehensive assessment tools, we dig deeper to uncover areas where you can grow. Together, we’ll pinpoint specific therapy goals that align with your needs and aspirations.



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Working Phase

Once the plan is set, you and your therapist become a team, tackling your goals together. We’re all about those check-ins and reassessments along the way, making sure you’re on track.

We see the beauty in every individual, understanding just how wonderfully complex and unique each person is. Our care isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s tailored, guiding you towards realizing, believing, and reflecting your incredible uniqueness.



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Collaborative Treatment Planning

After the assessment phase, our therapists team up with you to craft a strategic plan. This plan? Totally yours. It’s built around your unique needs, the time you can commit, and any extra worries you might have. We’re here to make sure it fits your life just right.

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Our Purpose

It’s simple—we adore people. Our mission? Putting an end to that ache of interpersonal pain. We’re here to go the extra mile, doing everything in our power to help you build healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Our goal? To see you reach your fullest potential, thriving in every aspect of your life.

Kelly Peyton, LPC-S, RPT-S, CCTP

Clinical Director

Our Mission

At Stone Oak Counselors, our aim is simple: to serve San Antonio with compassion and effectiveness. Our approach? It’s all about care grounded in clinically-proven methods, tailored uniquely to each person’s needs and goals.

Walking through our doors, we want you to feel at ease, cared for, and truly understood. We get it—seeking counseling can be daunting and knowing what to expect matters. That’s why we’re here, ready to partner with you every step of the way.

We understand urgency. In times of crisis, you need help fast. That’s why we’ve built a process that focuses on collaborating directly with you and offering as many payment options as possible to help as many people as we can. We’re committed to ensuring you get the support you need without unnecessary delays.

Stone Oak Counselors Service Areas

We serve clients in the San Antonio, TX area and surrounding Stone Oak area including the suburbs of Fair Oaks Ranch, Scenic Oaks, Timberwood Park, Bulverde, Shavano Park, Hollywood Park, Grey Forest and more.