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In our therapy practice, we provide a variety of evidence-based approaches customized to meet your specific needs, all geared toward fostering growth, facilitating healing, and enhancing overall well-being.

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Comprehensive Counseling and
Therapy Services in San Antonio, Texas

If you’re looking for counseling services in San Antonio, Tx, or Houston counseling practices, look no further. Our counselors provide a safe and nurturing space to explore a range of issues, including trauma, emotional difficulties, and life transitions.

With an experienced team, we offer counseling and therapy services in the San Antonio, Texas areas, designed to help individuals cope with the challenges they face, create positive change and restore peace in their lives.

Play Therapy

We provide a multitude of therapy options, like play therapy, to help kids understand their feelings, handle life better, feel good about themselves, and learn to ciope with and deal with tough behaviors.

Lots of parents come to us at Stone Oak Counselors feeling concerned about their child or worn out from dealing with difficult behaviors. Our Child and Teen Therapists know a lot about how kids grow up and use treatments that fit each child. With a really trained therapist, kids and teens can fix problems, change how they act, and learn cool new skills.

Teen Counseling

During counseling for teens, they can understand their feelings, actions, and connections better, aiming to make a plan for a healthier life.

At Stone Oak Counselors, many parents and caregivers come feeling concerned or tired from dealing with their child’s issues. Our Child and Teen Therapists are really good at understanding how kids grow up and use treatments that fit each child’s needs. With a therapist who knows their stuff, kids and teens can fix problems, change how they act, and learn cool new skills.

Adult counseling

Therapy is designed to assist you in achieving your personal goals and living your best life.

We understand that seeking help, especially professional therapy, can be tough. That’s why our trained therapists team up with you to make a treatment plan together, centered around your goals and what you want for your life.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy supports partners in enhancing their communication, settling disputes, and fortifying their bond.

In counseling, partners can discover ways to share their feelings and requirements in a positive manner, foster empathy and mutual understanding, and create plans together to make their relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

Trauma Counseling

Trauma therapy offers people of various ages support and relief from trauma’s impacts. It provides a safe, caring place for individuals to handle their experiences and grasp how their past trauma might affect their present.

This understanding assists individuals in learning how to handle stress, manage emotions better, create healthier relationships, and eventually discover more peace and well-being.

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