Trauma Counseling

Life after trauma can feel like navigating a maze of distressing memories and overwhelming emotions.

Our trauma counseling offers a supportive space to heal. Whether you’re coping with recent trauma or haunted by the past, our counselors are here to guide you toward strength and healing.

Trauma Counseling

Are you tired of suffering from trauma?

You’re not alone in carrying the weight of past trauma. Living with fear, disrupted sleep, haunting memories, or struggles in relationships can be overwhelming. But there’s hope. We’ve supported numerous individuals silently suffering from various types of trauma.

It’s common for people to overlook trauma’s effects, sometimes attributing their struggles to feeling broken or helpless. Many have spent years in therapy without much progress, not realizing that addressing their past trauma is the key to healing. Our approach aims to uncover and address these underlying issues to guide you toward genuine recovery.

Trauma Counseling can and Does Help!

Picture a life where memories of the past don’t overwhelm you, where trust in yourself and others feels possible again. Imagine feeling hopeful, envisioning a future filled with possibilities. This is achievable with the right support.

Our skilled team, trained across various trauma therapies, provides personalized trauma counseling. We tailor our approach to suit each person’s unique needs. Through our professional and customized methods, we’ve guided hundreds to break free from trauma’s grip and rediscover the life they once dreamed of.

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Common signs you may need Trauma counseling or PTSD Treatment

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Nightmares or intrusive memories of a negative past event
  • Flashbacks
  • Difficulty trusting others
  • Constantly feeling unsafe
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, digestive issues, and aches/pains

If you’re facing symptoms linked to a traumatic experience—betrayal, abuse, neglect, or natural disasters—trauma counseling could make a difference. You can heal and reclaim your life. There’s hope! Our therapists specialize in cutting-edge trauma treatments like EMDR, ART, IFS, and TF-CBT. These approaches offer lasting relief from trauma-related symptoms.

Our Approach to Trauma Counseling

Navigating trauma can feel like an uphill battle, especially when seeking support. Our aim is to create a secure haven as you embark on your healing journey. We recognize that trauma can linger not just in thoughts but in the body, causing automatic reactions and physical challenges. Over time, it reshapes perspectives, affecting self-perception and relationships. This is why we believe in tailoring trauma counseling uniquely for each individual, understanding there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Upon starting with us, you’ll have an in-depth intake session where we’ll understand your history, personality, past treatments, and treatment goals. Together, we’ll craft a personalized care plan for your trauma counseling needs.

For some, additional approaches like LENS neurofeedback or lifestyle changes may complement their treatment. We’re here to explore what best supports your journey. While some prefer a slower pace with regular sessions, others find intensive formats more effective. Your trauma counselor will collaborate with you to find the safest and most effective path in your counseling plan.

What is stopping you from starting Trauma Therapy?

“I Tried Trauma Counseling Before and it Didn’t work”

It’s unfortunately common to encounter situations where therapy falls short in addressing trauma and PTSD. Many therapists lack the comprehensive training needed for various trauma cases, leading to rushed or incomplete treatments. Some protocols, like EMDR, might not progress effectively due to unforeseen life events interrupting therapy.

Moreover, not everyone finds the standard therapy structure of 50-minute sessions accommodating for their trauma work. Longer or intensive sessions can create a safer space for processing intense emotions, but traditional therapy offices often lack the flexibility to offer these extended formats, hindering genuine healing and prolonging recovery unnecessarily.

I can’t afford Trauma Counseling

We understand the financial and time commitments that come with therapy. Yet, the cost of untreated trauma can significantly impact health, work, and overall well-being, potentially amounting to substantial expenses and health issues. Studies highlight how childhood trauma significantly affects medical costs.

At Stone Oak Counselors, we strive to make trauma counseling accessible. Our intensive therapy formats offer extended sessions in single or multiple-day formats, accelerating the treatment of trauma symptoms. However, we recognize that intensives might not suit everyone’s pace. For those requiring a slower approach, we are able to provide sessions that fit the requirements of insurance providers so that you may use your benefits.

Additionally, we take flexible spending accounts and HSAs, all major credit cards and assist clients with filing out of network insurance claims for maximum reimbursement.

Take control of your life back with trauma therapy.

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Other Mental Health Services Offered At Stone Oak Counselors

In addition to offering therapy for trauma, we also offer a wide range of services for adults, teens, and children. These services include Teen CounselingAdult CounselingCouples CounselingChild Counselilng, & Women’s Issues. Our goal is to meet you where you are and help guide you through the issues you are facing in a positive and supportive way.

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