Meet Kathy Carter

Licensed Master Social Worker, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
LMSW#108232, LCDC, CTP, EMDR Trained – Supervised by Sonya Gonzales Edwards, LCSW
Kathy Carter LMSW LCDC Trauma and addiction counselor EMDR trained

Kathy Carter

I am a trauma and addictions counselor who helps teenagers and adults recover from obstacles in their life and regain confidence, connection, and stability at home, school, work and family.

Life happens to everyone, and then the question becomes, where do I go from here? How do I move on? Or situations and events have been avoided, telling yourself you are okay. Now realizing it is not okay and need help, guidance, and someone to talk to. Let’s talk; I am here to listen, guide, and show you; you already have the answers.

You have the power to make changes within yourself. My ideal client is someone who is at a crossroads and ready to explore and look for change. I enjoy working with clients to help them recognize their strengths.

I am a compassionate clinician that believes in self-determination and autonomy. I provide mental health and chemical dependency assessments, treatment planning, and individual and group counseling via telehealth and in person. I take a client-centered approach guiding clients to show self-compassion and empowering them for change.

I assist clients in identifying their life stressors, reflecting on self-awareness, and enhancing healthy coping skills. I am trained in various modalities, MI, CBT, sand tray, and EMDR, to work through the challenging areas of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and more.

I am a creative, results-oriented and passionate therapist with over 25 years of experience in social work and mental health services. I specialize in working with teens, adults and families who have multiple or complex diagnoses, addiction, and trauma.

I also focus on recovery and harm reduction. I have extensive training in sand tray, chemical dependency, trauma, and social work and am a Certified Trauma Professional, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Sand Tray Certified and EMDR trained.

Scope of Practice

Kathy specializes in working with teens, adults and families.
Some of her specialized training includes trauma, addiction, mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD and bipolar as well as utilizing sand tray and EMDR in her work.

Teen Counseling
Adult Counseling
Trauma Counseling

Masters of Social Work – Walden University
LMSW – TX #108232
Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) License – WI
Advanced Practice Social Worker (APSW) License – WI

Sand Tray Certified
Certified Trauma Professional
EMDR Trained

EMDR Training
Sand Tray Certifications
Skilled in working with substance abuse issues

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